Can you Re-key a Lock Without The Original Key?

Re-keying your lock is a great option when you just have a small problem with your house, or when you just thought of consideration like when you move into a new house. However, you might be wondering if that is possible if you lost the original key.

Of course, a locksmith can re-key the lock. Or at least, in most cases. The type and design of the lock determine if that is possible. Here are other important things to remain at the back of your mind;
Re-keying Lost Keys

Losing keys is such frustration and a nightmare. This is because you know someone else might have them in position and this means that they have access to your house whenever they want to.

The immediate best solution for when you lose your set of keys is to re-key. This is because it is cheaper and easy, and you get a sense of security, knowing no one can access your house with the old keys.

Car locksmith is also a great idea. But in a case like this when you need an urgent solution, it might not be the most ideal. This is because it is time-consuming and more expensive, as you will need to buy a whole set of locks with all the parts.
Smart Lock

Re-keying a smart lock is quite possible too; if you have access to it, You can easily remove it from the door, safely, then remove the cylinder and fit a new lock using a smart key reset like Kwikset.
Re-keying vs Lock Replacement

Re-keying is possible with most locks. But what happens when you can’t re-key your particular lock? This might call for lock replacement. You can always purchase a new lock from your local store and DIY.

But getting a professional for the job is quite cheaper in the long run. Think of it this way, paying a locksmith is an extra cost as opposed to DIYing. But in exchange, you get expert installments and don’t have to worry about any future damage.

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