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Wine tasting is simply the sensory judgment and evaluation of wine with the added consideration of food. The first written assessment of wine tasting was made in the 14th Century. Before that time wine tasting was simply done by the individual’s palate and nose.
It is believed that wine tasting may have first been associated with the courts of medieval Europe, since then it has become part of many people’s lives. The tasting of wine dates back to the time of Christ and then the Holy Family’s visit to Italy. During this time the wine tasting was associated with worldly and religious rituals, therefore giving it a spiritual element.
There are several steps involved in wine tasting and there are different wines that vary in taste, texture, and color. In general, the first step involves the student allowing the wine to flow naturally in the mouth without any interference.
This allows the wine to taste better and smell even better. After this, the individual will swirl the wine around in the mouth to allow it to reach the back of the throat and to finally reach the taste buds. This is the point where the individual will decide whether or not the wine tastes good. This is a simple process and many people can successfully describe the taste of wine.
The most common way to describe the taste of wine is to say that it feels like a stiff cocktail that is served in a shot glass. This is because the acidity of the glass affects the sensation.
Most wine tasting parties have a standard set of wine glasses such as flutes, shot glasses, tumblers, and goblets. It is important that when serving the wine to look into the glass and swirl it gently because too much or too little of either of these will affect how the wine will taste.

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