To know when it is time to bug in

Apart from having to bug out when there is a shft, there are times when it is safer to bug in than to bug out. When should you bug in?
If to get outside might seem to be more dangerous as compared to having to stay out
You have to remember that, if there is shft, those who are around you will be in a panic mode and if they are not prepared and not level headed the way you are, they might do anything so that they survive. With that in mind, you might be safer staying inside locked for you to survive.
There is no safe destination to go to
If the plans you have to bug out is to the forest or to the woods, then you should know that you are not alone when a widespread emergency happens. Even having few hunters in the area can be a sign that you will be out there competing for resources and have tough chances of surviving.
If it seems too suspicious
When on the road while there is an emergency might make you to be an easy target. You might not know what you are driving or walking into, which could make it quite tough for your reaction if the situation happens to escalate. Plus if you end up walking in a town that you are unfamiliar with your bug out bags, AR-15 and knives over your vest which is bulletproof, you will end up attracting a lot of attention. If such will place you in a higher risk, the best is to bug in.
At the end of the day, the choice happens to be yours whether you want to bug out or bug in

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