Should teacher mentor learners in classroom?

A teacher perhaps not only delivers the material but they play an important function within the learning and teaching procedure. From the guide we will examine different roles that educator performs.

Even the First part of educators is teaching articles, special education lesson planner, or knowledge within a class room. Understandably, the instructors are given content they should train from the research ministry that is applicable. The teacher will hence decide to lecture, debate, or exude consciousness utilizing any appropriate procedure.

Even the Second job of teachers will be to produce an empowering environment for the teaching and learning approach to occur. A class-room comprises of students from other backgrounds with divers behaviours. It will be the responsibility of this teacher to set an appropriate atmosphere to the practice of instruction and learning to happen. They should change some of the awful social behaviour of learners.

The Third role of teachers is job modelling. Ironically, many teachers to don’t think of themselves as part types. However, they are and students look up in their mind to get inspiration, guidance, and counseling. Furthermore, it’s important to be aware that students spending some time with the teachers plus they eventually become people they look up to. Hence, the duty of this teacher is not just train but also go direct and teach pupils.

In Conclusion, lecturers and special education lesson planner play an important role in the learning and teaching process. To begin with , they teach the wisdom to students. They also act as mentors, role models and must develop an enabling environment for the learning and teaching process to occur.

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